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3D Visualization: Off-Plan

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VReaLife 3D

3D Visualization: Off-Plan

3D Visuals of Virtual spaces and places that exist in the minds of the designers / creators which allow you complete freedom to view what will be there in the future in full vivid, vibrant detail that’s ‘So Real…Its just like being there’.

Visuals Include:

  • - Floor Plan View

    A view of the entire Space / Place which gives the viewer a dynamic, lifelike view of what the Space / Place will look like when completed.

  • - 360° View

    A 360° view of every room wich shows details so real, so exacting, so lifelike that you'll truly believe that you are viewing an existing property.

  • - New Decor

    Plan and visualize your own interiors with different Décor options, e.g. change from Traditional to Scandinavian furnishing options with just a click.

  • - Immersive 3D

    'Jump' from any point within the Space / Place to any other point with just a click.

  • - 3D Interior & Exterior Renderings

    3D High Defenition renderings of Spaces / Places

  • - Interior Planner

    Plan and visualize your own interior

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