Our company

iLocus Ltd. is a full-service, customer-oriented, international 3D visualization presentation production company.

The company is headquartered in Helsinki, which coordinates sales and marketing in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The company has subsidiaries in Copenhagen, Denmark and St.Petersburg, Russia. Other expansion plans include: Scandinavia, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, and the Middle East.


Why We Do What We Do?

• We believe in
‘Challenging the Status Quo’

• We believe in
‘Doing things differently’

• We passionately believe that everyone deserves to experience their Spaces and Places’
in a way ‘so Real… It’s Just Like Being There’


How We Do What We Do?

• We use the latest cutting-edge VR/ 3D visualization technology in bold and innovative ways to provide our customers a whole new experience of their ‘Spaces and Places’ that are beautifully designed, easy to use, with unsurpassed quality

• We constantly evolve by adapting, researching and finding new solutions for our customers.

• Our strong customer service-mindset and close customer interaction are the keystones of our business.


What Do We Do?

• We produce cutting edge 3D Interactive Visualization Presentations solutions for Spaces / Places that are:
o Large
o Public
o Congested
o Lighting Challenged

Meet the team

60 Combined Years of excelled business performance. Wise, sage advise: youthful forward thinking approach. Come get to know us a little better:

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Company timeline

The history of iLocus Ltd Oy
  • 2019Next generation camera

  • 2018Using VR tech

  • 2017The first scans

  • 2016The Beginning