Swedish Social and Municipal College, University of Helsinki

Spahotel Kasnäs SPA
Technopolis Business Center Asemakeskus
  • TaskUniversity / Educational Facility

Knowledge, Properly Applied, Transends All Barriers

This 3D Interactive Virtual tour was made for informational and recruiting purposes.

Our client, the Swedish Social and Kommunal College at the University of Helsinki, engaged iLocus to provide a 3D Interactive Visualisation Presentation showcase for the purpose of recruiting potential students to their University undergraduate program. The majority of potential student applicants are not local and the task was to demostrate the complete physical premisese and at the same time give information about the different Academic Faculties at the University. This is achieved by beveloping a fully interactive tour which guides the prospective student through the facility while providing the freedom to stop at any point to specifc points, to move from location to location and floor to floor with just a click, and to provide additional information by clicking the info tags located throughout the Showcase to get information in the form of text, pictures and videos's.