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Technopolis is the shared workspace expert providing efficient and flexible offices, coworking spaces, and everything that goes with them. Technopolis’s services range from workspace design to reception, meeting, restaurant, and cleaning solutions. Technopolis is obsessed with customer satisfaction. Their 16 campuses host 1,400 companies and 48,000 employees in seven countries within Europe.

Example Tampere

Since 2019 Technopolis Tampere has used 3D-presentations provided by iLocus Ltd Oy to promote the sales of meeting spaces. In the city center Technopolis has two compounds offering all-inclusive meeting services.


The benefits of a basic virtual tour of a space are:

  • You can move in the space seamlessly, like being there.
  • You can look at the space in ‘doll-house’ view from any angle, zoom in and out, jump into the space anywhere.
  • You can look at the space in ‘floor-plan’ view, seeing all the furniture.
  • You can use the measurement tool to calculate heights and lengths.

3D-presentations provide you with a realistic view of the space.

In addition to the above you can add to the presentation

  • Information tags (text, pictures, video)
  • Automatic presentation video that can be stopped at any time, doing self exploring, and continue automatic presentation.
  • Take HD pics from the presentation.
  • Utilize automatically generated teaser videos (GIF, MP4).
  • etc

Customer testimonial

We have commissioned iLocus to create a number of 3D showcase presentations of our premises at Technopolis Tampere. We utilize these presentations especially for promoting our meeting room rentals, and our customers have really appreciated the opportunity to virtually tour the premises themselves before visiting the site in person.  Customers say that it helps them make preliminary decisions regarding which meeting rooms are suitable for them, and they repeatedly comment that it supports them in being far more efficient by reducing the personnel time necessary to pre-screen potential options and significantly reduces transportation costs. The 3D showcase presentations better illustrate our spaces than just images or text. In addition, the floor plan and dollhouse views provided by iLocus are very popular.

3D presentations also support our business premises leasing efforts – for example, they allow us to show the customer what the restaurant or lobby of the property looks like. Customers feel as if they have visited our premises in person when they see our 3D showcase presentations.

The quality of the 3D showcase presentations is really good, and presentations can be customized as needed. We have been very satisfied with the quality, performance, and the service that we have received from iLocus, and are especially pleased with their ‘customer centric’ focus on our needs as a client. We have happily shared with our customers our positive experience of working with iLocus, and we have received positive feedback from them.

Technopolis Tampere @TechnopolisTampere

Bottom line is that we are happy with the presentations – they support our sales and bring happiness to our customers ????

Jan Östman
Jan Östman
Head of Sales Finland, Chief Executive Officer

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